By working with blank™, you agree to our simple Terms and Conditions.

Here are our full Terms and Conditions.

1. Skyrocket Ltd, trading as “blank™” (“Provider”).
2. You (the “Client”).
Each being a “party”, and together being “the parties”.

By engaging with the Provider, the Client agrees to these terms (the “Terms”), unless a separate service agreement is signed by both parties that supersedes these Terms.
The Provider and the Client will agree to certain key details (“Key Details”) over email correspondence, being “Start Date”, “Term”, “Services” and “Charges”.

1. Definitions.

Unless the context requires otherwise, in these Terms, the following terms shall have the meanings specified:

  1. the business, affairs, or financial or commercial arrangements of the disclosing party or of any other person dealing with the disclosing party; or
  2. contracts or arrangements between the disclosing party and any other person.

2. Interpretation.

Unless the context requires otherwise, in these Terms:

3. Agreement to Provide Services.
  1. promptly commence and carry out the Services in a timely, competent, and efficient manner;
  2. supply all equipment, materials and other resources which are necessary to ensure the Services are performed efficiently;
  3. work co-operatively with the Client and the Client’s employees, agents, and other contractors;
  4. comply with all reasonable directions from the Client relating to the performance of the Services;
  5. comply, at all times, with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the provision of the Services.

4. Revisions

The Provider may make revisions to any works produced in the course of delivering the Services at the Client’s request (“Revision” or “Revisions”), to the extent that such requests for Revisions are reasonable. The reasonableness of such requests will depend on the circumstances of each engagement and the nature of the specific requests on a case by case basis, but the Provider and Client agree that generally one or two Revisions will be considered reasonable, and additional Revisions will be considered unreasonable.

If the Client makes unreasonable requests for Revisions, the Provider reserves the right to either refuse to provide the requested Revision or Revisions, or require the payment of fees (in addition to the Charges) from the Client to deliver the Revision or Revisions. The failure to provide an unreasonable Revision or Revisions shall not be deemed a failure by the Provider to meet its obligations under these Terms.

5. Joint and Several Liability.

If a party comprises more than one person then each person comprising that party shall be bound jointly and severally.

6. Term and Termination.
  1. upon the Other Party committing any material breach of these Terms which is incapable of being rectified; or
  2. upon the Other Party committing any material breach of these Terms which is not rectified within 15 working days of written notice of the breach having been given to the other party by the First Party; or
  3. upon the Other Party becoming insolvent; or
  4. upon a receiver or manager of any asset of the Other Party being appointed, or an order made or resolution passed for the liquidation of the Other Party.

7. Price and Payment.
  1. charge interest on the unpaid amounts at the Default Interest Rate from the due date for payment on the unpaid amounts to the date of payment;
  2. cease to provide Services to the Client;
  3. refuse to publish, and/or remove any websites or other outputs created by the Provider in the course of providing the Services.

8. Confidential Information.
  1. not at any time, either during or following termination of these Terms, except in the proper performance of its obligations under these Terms, either directly or indirectly use, copy, publish or disclose to any person any Confidential Information;
  2. use its best endeavors to prevent the unauthorised use, copying, publication or disclosure of any Confidential Information which it may acquire during the course of performing its obligations under these Terms; and
  3. keep the terms of these Terms confidential.
  1. had been rightfully in the possession of the Recipient prior to its disclosure to the Recipient;
  2. had been in the public domain prior to its disclosure to the Recipient;
  3. has become part of the public domain by publication or by any other means except an unauthorised act or omission on the part of the Recipient;
  4. had been supplied to the Recipient without restriction by a third party who is under no obligation to maintain such information in confidence; or
  5. is required to be disclosed by virtue of any law, by-law or regulation or by any applicable judgment of the courts of New Zealand.

9. Intellectual Property
  1. alone or in conjunction with the other party or any other parties;
  2. capable of being patented or registered or not,

shall be the absolute property of the Provider, may be exploited or used by the Provider in any manner in the Provider’s absolute discretion The Client will be granted an exclusive, non-assignable license to use any such Intellectual Property in perpetuity.

In working with the Provider, the Client agrees to having a small and discreet written credit on their website with a link to the Provider's website. Generally, this will be in the form of a "Built by blank™" in the footer of the Client's website, with this text linking back to the Provider's website:

10. Exclusion of Liability and Indemnity.
  1. website speed and performance;
  2. website downtime;
  3. server downtime;
  4. API failure or temporary/permanent loss of connection;
  5. data loss or corruption;
  6. search engine optimisation (SEO);
  7. campaign engagement and results;
  8. accuracy of information contained in any outputs delivered while providing the Services, such as websites, videos, and collateral created by the Provider; and
  9. eCommerce sales.
  1. the Client's conduct in relation to these Terms;
  2. the Client’s use of any of the material, advice or other results of the Services provided by the Provider;
  3. the Client's relations with the Client's customers and other third parties; or
  4. any breach of these Terms by the Client.

11. Miscellaneous.